Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I want to serve you but I need discretion/don't want to give my name.

If you don't want to give me proof of your name, you can give me two ProDomme references with active social medias. If you don't have that, and you don't want to give your name, then you're not seeing Me-- simple as that. I do not negotiate when it comes to my safety. Feel free to research me and check out my testimonials in my pictures and social media to make sure I'm reputable. I'm verified on multiple sites and I have plenty of evidence to show I'm trusted; you don't. I am inviting you into My private space, alone with Me, so I need to be 100% certain you are safe. This is not my main source of income, I will never put money before my safety and I will not make exceptions for you. If you can't trust me with your name, how can you trust me with your body? Be logical.

Besides, would you really want to see someone who doesn't carefully screen? Who lets potential looneys, stalkers, and pigs through the same door that you hope to securely, privately, anonymously waltz through? I'd hope not. A Dominatrix that is willing to see you without screening puts not just her own safety at risk, but yours as well.

Q: How much is your deposit and tribute? Can you do less? Do I need to send a deposit?

See my Contact Form for my tribute information.

My tribute is based on my talents and expenses, not your budget. I do not see people without a deposit sent in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS. Yes, I understand scammers exist, however, you must understand that my inbox is flooded with time-wasters who contact me for fun with no intention of ever serving. Asking for a deposit is the most efficient way of filtering them out and until I receive it I will assume there's a chance that you are wasting my time. Our time together is only reserved when the deposit is given. Feel free to research me (I'm verified on multiple websites) and check out the testimonials in my pictures to make sure I'm reputable. If you'd like references to contact, you can request that as well. 

Q: Are you looking for personal / domestic slaves? What about a video slave?

No, I am not looking. If the position ever opens, I will post it to my social medias. If you ask, you will be ignored and possibly blocked.

Q: What will our session be like / what are you going to do to me?

“What will you do to me?” or "what are your sessions like?" are questions most common asked among time wasters. I understand you're nervous and excited, but I have no idea what I'm going to do to you. No two sessions are the same. It'll depend on my mood that day and our mutual interests. You're just going to have to trust me and find out. Besides, I hate ruining the surprise.

Q: I'm not really into pain, is that OK?

Of course! Domination and submission are not fundamentally about pain, that's only one of the many aspects of BDSM.  If there's mutual chemistry, one can easily enjoy an active D/S relationship with out the involvement of pain. Many of the wonderful people who I play with focus on more sensual domination. If you'd like a little taste of pain, we can always try that, but it's not required nor will I be upset if it's not your kink. I actually focus more on the B/D part of BDSM myself.

Q: What's your "real" name / other job / etc

Do not ask me personal questions. Ever. I don't care if you've seen me once or a hundred times. I have to be very safe, as I have a very conservative family that would not love to find out their once little girl is a crazy depraved kinky woman who loves bringing men to their knees. I don’t care how close we’ve become, don't ask for my real name, what I do for a living, if I'm seeing someone, what I do with other people, etc. Lynx is as real to me as my birth name, and I prefer it. If you want to get to know me there are plenty of things you can ask that are non-invasive. All you'll do by asking me this is making me really uncomfortable.