Mistress Erika Lynx

If you're looking for a perfect Goddess, you've found Her.


I am a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix, Fetishist, and all around Kinkster that thrives in both sensual and heavy scenes. I see myself as a playful, teasing Domme that in an instant can turn strict and demanding to get exactly what I want, when I want it, and how I want it. One should only try to serve me if they are putting My pleasure and interests first, because I only play in scenes that I personally enjoy. If we do not have similar interests and at least a modicum of chemistry, you will be asked to look somewhere else.

You should address Me with any of the following titles...

Goddess, Miss, Domina, Mistress, Queen, Lady, Your Highness, Your Radiance, Boss, Master, Sir.

Some Vital Stats...

Age: Early 20s

Height: 5'4
Shoe Size: 8
Eyes: Blue

Tattoos: None

Education: Bachelor of Science, with honors

Ethnicity: Polish and Irish
Hobbies: Mostly reading, gaming, making men cry, hiking, and snowboarding.
Favorite Food: Avocado toast

Favorite Drink: Sazerac

Favorite Desert: Dark chocolate covered strawberries or almonds

I specialize in:

❤ Bondage: I LOVE bondage and it's definitely one of my specialties. Ropes, mummification, restraints, predicaments... You name it, I am a bondage junkie.


❤ Foot/Shoe/Boot Worship

❤ OTK Spanking

❤ Chastity Control

❤ Gentle Femdom

❤ Electro-Play: I have a wide variety of equipment for electro-play and pride myself on my knowledge of safe (and fun) electroplay procedures.

❤ Sissification/Feminization


❤ Impact Play (slapping, caning, cropping, whipping, flogging, paddling, hitting... all fun in my book)

❤ Role-Play Scenarios

❤ Humiliation Play

❤ Breath Play

❤ Spitting

❤ Trampling

❤ Sensory Deprivation/Sensation Play

❤ Tickle Torture

❤ Candle Wax

❤ Hypnotism

❤ Merciless teasing and endless denial...

My HARD limits:

• It should go without saying, but I do not offer sexual services in any capacity. I do not give nor receive anything that ends in -job or -ingus. You will not be allowed contact with my intimate areas. Ever. If you try to touch me intimately, or mention any of the following services, you will be kicked out immediately.

• I do not conduct sessions topless, bottomless, or nude. 

• I do not do facesitting unless fully clothed.

• I do not give massages.
• Kissing

• Wrestling
• Showers of ANY kind. Drinking from a glass with advanced notice may happen.
• Switching in any capacity
• Cuckhold or Forced-Bi sessions
• Anything which I do not have the expertise to do safely.
• Smoking
• Infantalism 

• Public Play (outside of kink events)

*** I only use some toys with people I know on a personal basis.

My Playspace

Location, Parking, and Availability


 I am located in my own private studio apartment with a discreet, side entrance in Jersey City, by Hamilton Park. I am a 15 minute walk (or $5 Uber) from the Grove Street PATH station.

 For those who are driving, there is street parking available but since it is Jersey City, you may have to park a couple blocks away during peak times (Weekdays 1pm-3pm). 

My availability is as follows:

Monday - Thursday:  11:30am - 9pm

Friday:  11:30am - 2pm

Saturday - Sunday:  Varies

* Time outside of these hours (or appointments with less than 24 hours notice) will be subject to an additional charge.

Protocol and Etiquette


When entering my space, make sure to wipe your feet on my doormat as to not track dirt inside. 

When providing the remainder of the tribute, offer it at the start of the session or during the introductory talk in a plain envelope – counted in advance. 

I only play in sober play spaces. If you arrive intoxicated prior to our session, or bring illegal substances, I will kick you out. 

Ask permission before sitting on any of My furniture.

Make sure you are always humbled before me. I adore subtleties such as proper posture, keeping hands behind your back, asking permission before acting on something, etc.

 I have no tolerance for pushy bottoms or scene directors. Communication is important, but your purpose is to please, amuse, and serve Me. This is an honor and a privilege never to be taken for granted.

The Space


If you're looking for a medieval dungeon-looking space, I recommend you go somewhere else. 

Think of my space as my huge, fully equipped, kinky bedroom. I take pride in keeping my place cozy and clean. All equipment is cleaned and disinfected before and after each session and I only use body-safe toys. There are shower facilities (and clean towels and toiletries) available, so you are welcome to have a shower before and/or after the session.